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School Management System

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Digital transformation is happening in every industry, then why shall our education system lag behind? So, here we are with a complete solution. Jump start your digital transformation aspirations today with EDUCIAN. Educian will help you manage the entire processes at your fingertips. No matter, you are looking for managing your institution virtually or in-person learning, the software has everything you desire.

More Efficient

Whether you search for the information of a present student or alumni, the unique ID of every profile can provide you with full details in no time.

Time Saving

You don't need to follow the hefty procedure of maintaining the records in your register. Whether it's adding or extracting the data or information, you can do it in seconds.

Unlimited Space

Educian comes with unlimited space. You can save all your courses, administrative details, batches, and anything else in a single cloud. In short, you can create your school profile for a lifetime.

Unlimited Support

The software is robust and tested at all levels of an education system. Even if you come across any issue, our support team is available for you. You can expect real-time 24x7 support.

Salient Features Of Educian

Educian has the best features for a different target audience that is an essential part of an education system. It includes: School Administration,Teachers Students, and Parents. Here is the complete insight of Educian – An Efficient School Management System.


The primary motive of our software is to offer convenience to the administrators of the institutions. The school and colleges can operate and educate well if they have zero confusion and 100% accessibility.

Centralized Dashboard

One centralized dashboard where you can add, edit and alter Human Resources, Financial Resources, Coursework and Structure, and more.

Enter All Student Details

Enter every detail starting from the admission date to class, fees, performance, hostel, transport details, and every other little detail at one place.

Employee Information

Make a data book of your employee right from the security guard to the principal that includes the DOJ, Department, Time Table, Salary, and much more.

Courses & Classes

Add or remove classes or courses directly from the software with ease. Make maintaining records with multiple classes, sections, and coursework hassle-free.

Accounts & Records

Keep your records clean managing finances with a variable fee structure, differences in cost depending on tuition fee, sports, hostel, transportation, and other factors.

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The job of a teacher looks simple, but it is not. We can see only the teaching part; however, multiple other responsibilities attach to the role.
Unique and ultimate features of Education will make the life of teachers simpler in your institute. Not only that, but it also maintains complete transparency in operation.

Educian- School Management System Software for Teachers
Maintain Attendance Records

There might be mistakes in maintaining the attendance of the students manually. Also, naughty students might play with the records, but with Educian, you can keep secure and accurate records.

Student's Performance

Track student's performance by entering all details on the Educian platform from class tests to term papers. You only have to enter a student's name and get all the details at a commonplace.

Make Time-Table

Manage all the data in a better way. The teachers can make and store class wise timetables as well as set an alert for their schedule. Educian allows you to be punctual and organised.

Schedule Virtual Classes

Our Smart School Management System offers convenience for offline classes, as well as for online classes. You can schedule classes, assign homework, check submissions, and more.

Declare Results

Why wait for offline assessments? The teachers can directly upload the results online. Without having to meet every parent, they can declare the results with necessary remarks.

Improve Your Teacher's Performance With Educian.


In Educian, we take care of students too. Some of the helpful features for the students include the following.

Student App to check results, Attendance and performance
Get Class Alerts

Students receive alerts for their virtual classes through our mobile app. If there are any changes in the schedule, students receive notifications without following up with teachers.

Access to Library

Students can check the availability of books, eligibility for issuing books, get an alert for returning the books, and more. It helps both the librarian and student with efficient management. 

Assignments & Deadlines

Students receive notification for the new assignments, and they can submit them on time. Here, you can see all the details about the project or task, so there is no chance of confusion.

Have Advance Information

When the school administration puts all the information on Educian, whether it is about leaves or exams, students can access it easily. You can now plan your vacations and studies better.

Yearly Academic Planner

From term projects to annual school functions, access the entire yearly planner. We fill the communication gap between the students and teachers, resulting in better performance.

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Parents trust the school management when they enroll their child in any school. However, they are still left with many doubts. As a result, the school management has to put endless efforts to keep the trust intact.
Well, Educian is now up to resolve the issues of both Parents and School Management. It helps to bring about complete transparency.

Parents Can view their wards Perforfance by Educian App
Check Fee Details

Parents can log in to the portal with student ID and find a complete bifurcation of the fees, paid fees, remaining dues, late payment, transportation charges, and much more.

Track Childs Performance

Now, you can see directly with a simple login to Educian. If your child is bunking, submitting the assignments on time, is active in extracurricular activities or other details. 

Yearly Calendar

With Educian, you can access the school calendar, find the leaves, exam schedule, preparation leaves, and complete school propaganda for the session to schedule the holidays.

Transport Tracking

Check your child's bus route, time taken from school to reach home, and more. You can also find the contact details of the transport support, in case you have any query about the same.

Complete Directory

From admin to the class teacher, you can find all the contact numbers for your reference. Directly scroll the diary, search the name and number, and get the details needed.

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Mobile App To Facilitate Teacher-Parent-Student Engagement

Educian is the partner app for the Educian School Management system. Educian lets Students manage their school related content, see their time-table, get notified about assignments, check their exam results, manage attendance, join virtual classes and much more. It also lets Teachers create online classes, take attendance, manage their profiles etc.

Salient features of Educian Mobile App

  • Instantly pay fees, check upcoming fees and due fees.
  •  No more pen and paper. Just open the app and mark the attendance.
  • Get notified about important announcements, upcoming events, and with push notifications.
  •  In the Dashboard view the current timetable and upcoming classes.
  • Send broadcast messages to parents, students or groups about class activities, upcoming class test, assignment, and more.
  • In a click, easily download the exam reports term-wise in PDF format.
To access the Educian Mobile App, your school must be using the Educian Smart School Management System. For more details, contact us Today 
Educian App available for teachers, Parents and students