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Know About the Student Information System (SIS)

Know about the student information system (SIS)

A student information system is a cloud-based software that helps the Educational Institute to implement hassle-free procedures with higher quality in day-to-day processes.

The goal of the student information Management system is to make all processes as quick and user-friendly as possible so that the institution, parents, teachers, and students are not inconvenienced.

It aids in the management of every department of an institution from the time of admission until the student graduates. Course grades, student performance, documentation, attendance, fee records, library records, transportation information, and other processes are all included.

When necessary, a teacher can send students homework, tasks, and assignments. They can interact with parents because the software includes a communication feature, and students can ask the teacher or management questions whenever required. A student can communicate any problem or difficulty to the designated teacher.

While at work or home, a parent can pay the fees, upload documents, and monitor their ward’s performance.A parent can also interact with teachers and management for queries.

Student information system Features 

  • Student Information Cell:This feature of the student information system Software provides a comprehensive guide with a broader view of the class timetable, examination, and result details.

It also provides notifications about activities such as fee details, significant events, campus recruitment details, and counseling about studies and health, among other things.

  • Admission Management:This feature simplifies the complex admissions process that a student must go through.

It informs them about the admission procedure, including the entrance exam, merit list, interviews, fee structure, and prospects to get accepted.

  • Student Information Dashboard:This feature of the student information system provides a comprehensive guide with a broader view of the class timetable, examination, and result details.

 It also provides notifications about activities such as fee details, significant events, campus recruitment details, and counseling about studies and health, among other things.

  • Financial Records Management:It gives both parties an ear so that management administrators can provide due dates and timely notify parents and students to deposit their fees. It also keeps track of transactions, reduces paperwork, and assists management in managing all monetary activities, such as
  • Payment amount
  • How to Request a Refund
  • Scholarships, stipends, and other payments
  • Communication platform:Student management software not only provides a robust communication platform for students with management, but it also ensures a line of communication between parent and institution, such as ward performance, notification, and feedback on the progress of children’s education.
  • Grade Books:With the help of a student management system, parents can access their children’s results and test records anytime, reducing instructors’ workload.
  • Virtual Classrooms:One of the best features of an information management system is that it allows students and teachers to access it from different locations, allowing locals and non-locals to sit in the class from remote locations where online lectures are held. Live session material is shared, questions are answered, and it keeps track of students and their information in a cloud format the record.
  • E- exams:the goal of holding online exams is to allow students to sit for objective and subjective exams at ease, allowing them to save time for developing the habit of working hard to improve their progress while also receiving immediate results from the exams.

Benefits of school information system

The administration management system not only helps the institution keep records and perform multiple tasks online, but it also makes life easier for its users in the following ways:

  1. Effortless:Anyone with access to a computer or mobile phone can use it at their ease; it is user-friendly and can be handled by anyone
  2. User-friendly navigations:anyone with a basic understanding of the computer can easily use it; the actual data is stored in the cloud-based storage and can be extracted whenever needed.
  • Automation of multiple tasks: It simplifies complex tasks by eliminating minimal processes and paperwork.
  1. Timely Notifications: The information management system sends out timely notifications of important events such as timetables, classes, exams, fee reminders, etc.
  2. Convenient online admission: The information management system allows students to be admitted and submit required documents for admission online, eliminating all offline processes such as standing in line for hours.
  3. No more data breaches:One of the advantages is that it is a cloud-based education ERP that provides better data security, with access restricted to management, teachers, parents, and students.


When comparing the above advantages to traditional processes, it is far more convenient for the users. It has reduced the time required for specific processes and bought increased efficiency.

It has made it possible for data to be available at the user’s fingertips and for users to access it whenever and wherever it is needed.

Institutions that have switched to the Educian student information management system have a stress-free work environment where the primary focus is on the student’s progress and well-being. Request a Demo Today!

Educian’s Online Classes Prove To Be A Catalyst For the Relentless Growth of Your Institution; Here’s How?

Educian Learning Management System.

We are usually swept off our feet by the technological revolution. It’s time to take a step forward into the world of technology. The current educational system is radical, accessible, and realistic. The days of a physical classroom, filing cabinets and other paper-based record books in schools and colleges are long gone. Learning Management System

 Thanks to Learning Management System that quickly accomplishes all the school requirements online. It manages every need of a school, such as:

  • Virtual classroom sessions
  • Student fees
  • Teacher salaries
  • Attendance registers
  • Timetables for all classes
  • Fee reports
  • Assessment records
  • Test results and more

The online classes are different and offer a more comforting experience from the traditional classroom environment. This particular adaptive module not only makes learning interesting but also helps students in retaining memory for a long time.

How do Educian’s online classes enhance the learning experience?

Online classes are a breath of fresh air that breaks the mold of traditional classroom learning. As online learning is now a mandatory resource for students worldwide, we must choose what comprises all the valuable tools and technology. Education brings them to your doorstep. 

Factors to consider in our Learning Management System:

  • Convenience and Flexibility:

With online education, both the classroom and the teacher are accessible, and there is no need for a venue. You can receive and access timely notifications. Whether it is notes, assignments, practising quizzes, asking questions or talking to your colleagues, you can do it all in real-time.

Besides due dates, you can set your timetable for meeting the course’s requirements for a healthy online classroom environment.

  • Effective Approach: 

One can measure Learning efficiency through evaluation of money, time, and energy for achieving desired results. It means that if there are fewer costs and time commitments, the learning process is better. The motive here is to come up with a strategy that will boost both productivity and reliability. 

For positive results from the overall learning method, the particular approach applies to all aspects of online education. It includes curriculum, philosophy, implementation, teaching, management, technology, and institutional culture.

  • Power of communication:

Online courses have a huge benefit in providing a clear connection between the student and the online mentor. With Learning Management System, the interaction between students and teachers takes a healthy approach. It has all the benefits to better students’ understanding. 

Students’ interest grows when they can explore course-related subjects, ask questions, and even compare their evaluation ratings. It fosters a healthy competitive spirit and makes them perform better every time.

  • Collaboration Beyond Classroom:

Learning is a collaborative and interactive process in which each learner brings their best skills as well as experiences to the table.

 It creates a cooperative rather than a competitive atmosphere. Sharing one’s thoughts and listening to others’ thoughts broadens the student’s horizons, thinking, comprehension, and above all, knowledge. 

Students can communicate through email, call, and other applications in the Educian’s online classroom. It makes it convenient for students to analyse, work together on school projects, conduct research, and learn to perform as a group. 

  1. Lesser expenses:

In comparison to a physical classroom, online courses are cost-effective. When choosing online research, one can save significant money and time on travel. Also, it is not time-bound. 

Online coaching provides you with the practical advantage of not missing college as you have fewer reasons for not attending a classroom coaching session. 

  1. Accessible content:

Creating accessible content means reducing comprehension barriers, ensuring that content is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Educian designs content context-wise for a better view. 

Unlike traditional paper, digital content is accessible using digital tools and employing accessible practices. It helps students to analyse the concepts and have a precise understanding.

You have more influence over your learning environment in an online class. The students have better concepts and subject knowledge. 

New learning models are increasingly emerging in the market, giving students various options for tailoring their education to suit them rather than the other way around.

Final Words:

Virtual classrooms’ future looks promising and opens up education to a more extensive section of the population than ever before.

This type of tutoring is growing abruptly over the last few years. Also, it has acceptance from the majority. It will help if you opt for a top-notch institution to have a perfectly crafted technical wing for better diversity in providing education. 

Considering the busy and hectic lifestyle, Educian’s online education is the best bet for individuals as well as institutions. The ability to learn anytime-anywhere broadens one’s educational horizons. 

Benefits of Implementing School Management Software

School Management System

A series of computer instructions specifically designed to handle schools’ day-to-day administrative activities is the School Management System.


The school Management software enables schools to track everyday operations remotely while still managing all resources and information on a single platform. Most schools nowadays use software to improve performance and productivity. 

It helps to save a significant amount of time on different administrative tasks. These programmes also assist in alleviating the stress of managing large amounts of data from schools.

How The School Management System Supports Administrative Activities?

The School Management  software System allows schools to automate a wide range of activities, from keeping track of students’ attendance to creating attractive report cards with a single click. Parents can keep track of their children’s improvement and provide for their academic requirements.

Not to mention, the school management system effectively replaced the conventional pen-and-paper form of data management, reducing the risk of mistakes in the process.

 Furthermore, the organisation using it saves a significant amount of money and time. It helps school staff to do more work in less time, with greater precision.

Although the administrative process runs smoothly, schools will provide students with a more productive and positive learning environment than ever before, resulting in a more personalized educational experience for each student. 

The same is accessible through an application or a website depending upon the user’s requirements and accessibility.

How does a School Management System app help in facilitating a student’s learning experience?

The system allows schools, colleges, and educational institutions to automate their academic and administrative tasks. It includes a school ERP app.  The tool is handy even for students and has numerous advantages.

  • Analytical and real-time feedback:

Student Management System provides a fast and computer-analysed feedback check giving satisfactory results. Most of the students say that they fail to improve because of good, timely feedback. They have to wait until the end of the term to receive a report on their classroom results.

However, the use of ERP apps is an effective resolution to all the issues. After each evaluation through the Student Management System, the teachers can provide immediate feedback.

 It inspires and empowers students by all means. Also, the teachers have a thorough understanding of their learning curve.

  • Simple User Interface:

The interactive interface is convenient and easy to comprehend, giving students an edge in their studies. Also, one can have quick access to all the study material and resources.

When you opt for the installation of the Student Management System, the management gets a free demonstration. You can learn it in no time and leverage all the benefits.

  • Easy and 24/7 access online:

Gone are the days when learning confines the classroom. There is a growing need for students to access their learning materials for homework, projects, and other objectives.

The School ERP App grants access to learning materials at any time and from any place. The technology improvement in the education system has made it more viable.

The parents and students both can keep track of their assignments, access appropriate tools, apply selections, learn skills, and receive feedback, among other things.

  • Flexible and personalized learning experience:

Traditionally, schools follow the traditional system for all. However, this software personalizes the learning experience based on students requirements.

Also, Teachers can upload study materials and educational tools through their smart phones. Furthermore, the school ERP app allows for exciting learning resources to make learning more immersive for students. 

It is impactful in enhancing students’ learning experience, including subject-related activities, video guides, discussions, and podcasts.

  • Reduces non-compulsory costs:

Since everything happens in an online school management portal, there is zero or minimal reliability on paper, reducing costs.

 In addition to being cost-effective, it is environment friendly, as it stores files in a cloud system. The tool considerably reduces the cost of administration, admissions and other facilities.

  • Provides numerous resources:

Outside of school hours, the school ERP app helps students communicate with their teachers and access their learning materials. This interaction between students and instructors is critical for student engagement.

The instructor assists students in getting through difficult times and inspires them to work. They are developing a partnership with teachers aids in the development of confidence. It also helps students to maintain their academic dedication to their studies. Students may use the app to view archives and library books on their devices, in addition to having access to the teachers.

Wrapping Up:

The advantages make it clear why it is better to use a School management system rather than the outdated method. A Student Management System aids in the digitalisation of schools while also making it more straightforward for students.

 It keeps students involved, improves learning, and assists the school in the running more smoothly and effectively while also lowering labour costs. You can understand the system better when you seek a demo or start using it.

Keep reading our blog for further updatesStay Tuned.


Best practises for online learning for students

Best practises for online learning for students

Online Learning Management Software

How to improve your institution’s online learning environment

Online Learning is gaining immense popularity and has become a well-recognized part of today’s education. The landscape of education is widening now with an increasing number of students who are grabbing the opportunity to study online. 

However, it is crucial for institutions to improve their learning environment. There has been a rapid transition in online teaching in 2020 and the transition is not as smooth as it should be.

Many institutions are using online learning platforms nowadays for face-to-face learning and providing students with reading material, but this model of education is not enough. Institutions need to make use of technology and redefine online learning.

As the world is moving into the new school year, we will show you how to incorporate some effective online learning practices to enhance your institution’s online learning environment.

Connecting with Students Distance Learning

As remote learning is gaining popularity, institutes need to re imagine online education into data-enhanced modular content and should develop new content to distribute on different channels.

Countries presently are focusing on curating existing content but they need to develop new content that is short and mobile-friendly. 

Institutions should design unique content so that students can realize their potential by getting multiple pathways using various types of resources.

Remote Learning

Use of Technology in Education

To enhance the Digital learning environment it is important to use the right technology at the right time as it benefits the education sector to a great extent. 

There have been several advancements in technology to deliver a better learning experience and institutions need to adopt them.

Many colleges, universities, and schools have adopted the latest technology in their classrooms to offer better learning. It is important for both teachers and students to become tech-savvy in order to cope up with changes. 

With the use of the latest gadgets, lessons become more interactive and there is better student participation. It also enhances the retention rate of the users as they can retain information more easily.

Lessons can be tailored and personalized like using music, games, and eBooks for learning. There is abundant material available online which gives the teachers more access to extra resources whenever needed.

Connecting with students distance learning

Using technology, it has become easier to connect with a group of students sitting in different parts of the world, and students can easily learn specific subjects or modules. 

Even exams are being taken online which is a huge shift from previous ways. The future of technology and

Remote learning is expected to change a lot as artificial intelligence is going to develop in the next decade. Teachers will act as assistants to AI devices and will be controlling the classroom behavior.

Online learning is becoming the new normal with the adaptation of the latest technology and classrooms are becoming more efficient. This is how use of smart technology in classrooms can change the virtual learning environment.


Institutions must pay attention to train the teachers on the usage of learning technologies. It is also crucial to use multiple modes of delivering education to enhance engagement with learners.

Learning assessment also needs to be continuous and personalized so that limitations can be overcome. 

Adoption of data, algorithms, and digital content is a must, so institutions need to become adaptive and provide top-notch virtual learning environment to students located worldwide.

If you are looking for a online learning software solution for your educational institution and want to integrate it with school management software, contact us today for a free consultation.