EDUCIAN Overview

EDUCIAN is an end-to-end solution to automate and manage all aspects of the student activities from the point of admission to graduation. The comprehensive list of EDUCIAN features/modules are listed below.     

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Student Admission

Efficiently manage the complete student admission process using customized admission forms and help welcome applicants that are the best fit for your institution. 

Student Registration & Information

A quick registration process and easy  to search and access all your student records, both current and alumni using various filters to refine your search.      

Courses, Class, Batches & Sections

Create and manage multiple courses, classes, batches, and sections as per your institutions requirements. 

Subject Management

Create and manage subjects as per the curriculum and flexibility to create groups of optional subjects for each course and batch. 

Fee Management & Payment Collection

Using the Fee engine, system will automatically create invoices for Tuition fee, Library Charges, Hostel Charges, etc. without need for manual intervention. 

Collect, track and report payments in a few simple steps with no chances of errors and faults. 

Examination & Report Cards

From supporting grading systems, such as GPA/OGPA to generating various student examinations reports and report cards.  Schedule and manage examinations effortlessly to fit the needs of your institution. Conduct online Examinations.

Additional Modules


Efficiently  manage all your hostels and residential facilities in the institution. Allocate rooms to students, collect and track hostel fees, and generate comprehensive reports that will help keep you on top of all important hostel   administrative activities.      


You can now efficiently manage and track all the operations performed in your library, from cataloging of books to maintaining records of books issued and overdue, and a lot more.


Manage and optimize your entire transportation operation to ensure safe and efficient transport of students to and from school. You can maintain vehicle and routing details, collect transportation fees, and track the number of students using school transport. 

Email & SMS Notifications

Communicate with students, parents, and employees and maintain the logs of the information sent across through notifications in the form of emails. 

Canned & Custom Reports

Pre-configured Canned Reports to generate various reports, like: students, employees, courses, and fee schedules.  In addition, you can create custom reports using a wide range of filters.   


Administrator, Teacher, Student & Parents can access the system on-line.

Advanced Features

Approvals & Workflows

System supports the configurable workflow module. This will allow institute to initiate the approval escalations based on the institutes polices.  

Migrate to EDUCIAN

We'll help & provide migration tools to load all the existing data (manual as well as from any other system) to EDUCIAN and therefore maintain the historical data for future use 


EDUCIAN will maintain data backups, you'll never lose data.

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