Student Academic management system

Cloud based campus management software is designed to cater higher educational institutes ; globally.

Why opt for a student academic management system?

The Cloud based student academic management system, is a platform that enables the management of administrative and academic operations on a single platform.

The various modules available in the student educational management software solution automate daily processes at your institution, such as student admission, generating transfer certificates, attendance, examination, daily log, finance and digitizing the online learning experience, and much more.

Educian provides user-friendly dashboards and easy access to information for Administrators, Teachers, Accountants, Supervisors, Students, and Parents.
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Executive Dashboard with KPI's

Key indicators in real time for all crucial operations. KPI charts provide graphic data and budget to real evaluations.

Admission Management

Create clean and customizable admission forms and efficiently manage the student admissions process from prospect to alums.

Course, Batch & Section Creation

Create and manage multiple courses, classes, batches and sections tailored to your organization’s learning requirements.

Curriculum Management

Create the perfect course outline: Create and manage subjects per the curriculum and flexibility to create groups of optional subjects for each course.

Student Fee Maagement

Track and pay fees directly via our dashboard—a transaction record of all previous transactions and due amount.

Timetable Management

Create instant Timetables with push notifications to students and teachers—an easy, efficient and hassle-free way of managing your timetable.

Human Resource Management

Efficiently organize employee's details, manage payrolls, take teacher's attendance and send meeting alerts to the faculty.

Assignment Evaluation Management

Manage and evaluate assignments quickly, send instant feedback and reduce paper waste, contributing to a greener environment.

Examination Management

Conduct surprise examinations or send examination date sheet alerts directly to students and teachers—online examination management and setup.

Instructor Grade Book

Calculate GPA automatically from customizable weighted grade evaluations. Check & manage students' grades in real-time.

Report Cards

Generate report cards of students with the information available in the Educian app. You can change, assign and manage grades and generate reports.

Student Academic Records

Manage all students' academic progress such as student details, track grades, attendance details, documents, certificates and more.

Student Mobile App

Students can access the mobile app directly to view grades, schedules, attendance, notice board, and more. Make fee payments straight via the app.

Transport / Bus Management

Enhance the security of your students with features like tracking vehicle status, tracking students using buses, route details, and collecting fees quickly.

Library Management

Track all the operations performed in your library, from cataloging books to maintaining records of books issued, overdue, and much more.

Hostel Management

Student room allotments to student hostel fees, manage all hostel-related activities from one dashboard easily. Search for the student's name to find information.

School Inventory Management

Manage the school inventory, and all information is available at a click. Manage supplier data and generate paperless invoices for the suppliers.

Virtual Classroom Teachings

Take your classrooms online and help your students learn with our virtual classroom feature. Interact live and share files and documents with a click.

Multi Campus Management

Group institutions having more than one college or school can manage all campuses from one dashboard. Add all your locations to our dashboard to track the data.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate a payment gateway and receive fees, hostel dues etc., directly in the organization's bank account. Accept fast and secure payment with UPI, cards, and wallets.

Custom Reports

Generate custom reports to gather insights to improve your organization—custom field settings to select the data type you wish to export.

Form Builder

Drag and drop easy-to-use form builder to create requirements forms per your needs. Collect student information or conduct surveys,

Teachers Mobile App

Teachers can access the mobile app directly to view Attendance, schedules, Attendance, notice board, Salary & more. Make Attendance directly via the app.

Instant Fees

Keep track of various temporary fee information such as teachers' day collection, relief funds, school trip collection, infrastructure fund etc.

Grievance Management

This module provides a helping hand to students and staff by acknowledging and solving their problems. It maintains a healthy environment for stakeholders of the institute. Institutes need to exercise prudence in such essential matters.

Bio Metric Integration

Automate the student Attendance process and provide a safer environment by using the biometric feature with thumbprint verification.

Data Entry Services

Easily accessible and risk-free data entry reduces the scope of human error with secure channels keeping the safety of data intact.

Drive for Student Progress By management app

Distinct product offerings for Schools, K12 & Higher education institutes.

Various Integration to Enhance Campus  Management software

Educian has every feature your institution will ever need to enhance the capability and functionality of the student management platform.


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