Educian - Student Information System

One-stop solution to systematically manage and track all sorts of student-related data in a single place.

An end-to-end information management system

It is a cloud-based Student information management system that helps to manage, store, and track information such as admissions, attendance records, performance tracking, and much more.

It will reduce staff workload and ensure institutes have complete control over their data. Assist faculty in monitoring students’ academic performance and making data-driven decisions to improve their academic growth.

An educational institution’s ultimate objective is to improve every student’s performance. The Educian School ERP system would accomplish it because it has every feature that will ever be required to operate your institution productively.


For K12 Educational Institutes

Educian K12 is to make it easier for you to manage the elementary, middle, and high school. It serves as a one-stop solution for grading, deliberations, and enrollment. The Educian student information system aims to reduce administrative burdens while improving k12 school functions.

For Higher Educational Institutes

An Educian Campus management system is a complete solution for colleges that automates the student-faculty lifecycle and campus administration to increase operational efficiency and institutional success.

Educian information system software includes more than 30 modules. It assists educators in streamlining all core activities through biometrics and an analytics dashboard that generates precise reports on college admission, scholarship, and compliance management, among other things.

The Student Information Management System benefits

For Teachers

Teachers don't have to worry about devising effective methods for managing vital student data. A teacher's portal is integrated into the ERP solution to let teachers manage student data and do numerous tasks that support instruction.

For Administrator

Comprehensive school administration system with special functions for seamlessly integrating various departments; selective access control for carrying out different tasks; simple to use with little training.

For Students

The student portal can help them with their academics and give them the resources to access their information. They can view and handle information whenever they want, from any location, with the use of single-point access solutions.

For Parents

Educian provide parent portal features that let parents get involved in their kids' activities. The parent portal provides parents with personalised accounts so they may communicate with teachers and administrators on daily operations at the school and the progress of their children.

Educian is Available for all Devices 

Parents and the school are able to communicate via laptops or mobile devices. We strongly advise teachers to use PCs for online classes because it makes the presenting materials more organised. Parents and students can use the Educian iOS and Android apps to access from their mobile devices.