Student Information System

The effective Educian Students Management ERP Software streamlines  the path of teachers and educators from the time of student enrollment to the day they become alumni by maintaining their entire information and assisting institutions in making wise judgments!

Introducing the Educian Student Information Management System

It is a cloud-based Student information management system that helps to manage, store, and track information such as admissions, attendance records, performance tracking, and much more.

It will reduce staff workload and ensure institutes have complete control over their data. Assist faculty in monitoring students’ academic performance and making data-driven decisions to improve their academic growth.

An educational institution’s ultimate objective is to improve every student’s performance. The Educian School ERP system would accomplish it because it has every feature that will ever be required to operate your institution productively.

End-to-End Student Information System

For K12 Educational Institutes:

Educian K12 is to make it easier for you to manage the elementary, middle, and high school. It serves as a one-stop solution for grading, deliberations, and enrollment. The Educian student information system aims to reduce administrative burdens while improving k12 school functions.

For Higher Educational Institutes:

An Educian Campus management system is a complete solution for colleges that automates the student-faculty lifecycle and campus administration to increase operational efficiency and institutional success.

Educian School ERP system includes over 30 modules. It assists educators in streamlining all core activities through biometrics and an analytics dashboard that generates precise reports on college admission, scholarship, and compliance management, among other things.

The Student Information Management System benefits for

  • Monitor & track the progress of students
  • Hassle-free fee payment
  • A suitable place to maintain the student’s grades.
  • Communicate with teachers with ease.
  • Stay notified on the student’s commute from home to school and vice versa.
  • Centralized data operations.
  • Streamlined operations.
  • Highly secured data.
  • Simpler Admission Process.
  • Easy to use, user-friendly educian interface (requires minimal IT skills)
  • Centralized records repository
  • Easily Manage a student’s information.
  • Data-driven student reports tracking progress.
  • Easily communicate with parents & students.
  • One dashboard to maintain and track students’ grades.
  • Stay connected with students.
  • Accessible communication with parents.
  • Students can check their attendances to see their progress
  • Manage/Evaluate their performance and progress
  • Easily communicate with the teachers and get feedback.
  • Instant notifications regarding events.
  • Stay up to date on any change in the class schedule.

 Educian provides integrated cloud-based student information management systems.

Educian has every feature your institution will ever need to enhance the capability and functionality of the student management platform.


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Online Classes

Efficient and effective student academic management system

Suitable for all types of institutes such as K12, Universities, Higher-Ed, Training Institutes, and more.