EDUCIAN - Student Information Management System

Is it getting difficult for you to manage your student, staff and administrative data effectively? Well, we are here with Educian, a comprehensive school management system.

For K12 Education Institutes :

Educian is designed for a primary schools to a higher education institutes, Educian includes utility features considering every perspective. Our automated student information system software is a combination of more than 20 modules. Whether you wish to track student record, track performance, or enhance your campus security, the software offers it all. Educian has the best features for every target audience that is an essential part of an education system.

For Higher Education Institutes:

Managing your institute can be a tiresome activity. Manual work is inefficient and is prone to human errors, with Educian all tasks concerning the fee, transportation, scheduling etc. can be automated, saving time, efforts and eventually improving efficiency.

Educian  helps you with managing, tracking and storing sensitive information such as admission number, attendance records, performance reports, and much more. Make educated data-backed decisions by going through the custom reports generated by Educian.

Insight of Online Student information system features

For Teachers

Easily Manage a student’s information.

Data-driven student reports to track progress.

Easily communicate with parents & students.

One dashboard to maintain and track student’s grades.

For Admins

Centralised data operations.

Streamlined operations.

Highly secured data.

Simpler Admission Process.

Easy to use user friendly educian interface (requires minimal IT skills)

For Students

Direct access to grades, timetables, and much more.

Instant notifications regarding events.

Student query Management System

Easily communicate with the teachers and get feedback.

For Parents

Monitor & track your child’s progress, records, grades.

Pay Fees directly with secure payment gateway.

Communicate with teachers with ease.

Greater participation in securing your child’s future.

Why Choose Educian Online Student Information Management System?

Educian has the best features for a different target audience that is an essential part of an education system. It includes:

Course Registration Management System

If you wish to have online admissions for your school, you do not have to hustle for creating the forms, then mail, and all the hectic tasks.       

With Educian, you can share the admission process as well as eligibility criteria.

The users of Educian tag our feature as a smooth admission process. 


Powerful "SMART" Calendar

More than children, parents wait to schedule the holidays. They try to find out days when children are free, and they can take leave from work. So, now planning is easy.With Educian, you can access the school calendar, find the leaves, exam schedule, preparation leaves, and complete school propaganda for the session.

Course, Batch & Section Creation

Maintaining the records with multiple classes, sections, and coursework is tricky for an educational institution. However, using our school management system can be hassle-free. All you need to do is add or remove the data from the software coinciding with changes.

Data Entry and Records

From maintaining the records of every person visiting your school to entering the details of all the school happenings, you can secure all the data with Educian.
Yes, our system is so simple and easy that even the security guards find it handy. Several schools approached us with a requirement to add annual events data along with participants, winners, and more, so it is all possible with Educian.

Mobile Application

Whether it is teachers, school management, students or parents, no one has to sit for long hours in front of laptops or computers. Educian offers the best mobile application that is easy to use anytime.

You can get all the important notifications on your phone, and you can simply operate at ease. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Check The Fee Details

It isn't easy to keep track of the fees paid and when is the last date. With Educian, the parents can log in to the portal with student ID and check full details.

Here you can find a complete bifurcation of the fees for other months you have paid, remaining dues, late payment, transportation charges, and much more.

Out of box Reports

Every school runs with different norms, collects personalized data of staff or students and works on a unique set of policies.

Well, we understand and respect your personalized requirements. So, we offer you customisable software. For more details about the feature, you can feel free to schedule a free demo.

Get a Single Dashboard With All The Functionalities

When you use Educian, you have a centralised administrative system, with its access shared with upper management.You can add,edit and alter all your resources.It can be in terms of:Human resources,Financial Resources, Coursework,Structure,Transport ,amenities, and more

Academics, Competitions, Extracurricular, and More

From term projects to annual school functions, a student can access the entire yearly planner on Educian. We fill the communication gap between the students and teachers, resulting in better performance in all aspects.

Do you wish that all your institution kids should excel? 

Student ID Cards

Easily create a picture ID card for students with integrated on-demand printing. Optionally includes student's picture and ID number.

Instructor Grade Book

Calculate GPA automatically from customizable weighted grade evaluations. Check & manage student's grades in real time.

Mass Email and Texting

Post new updates or send reminders by sending mass emails and text to students/parents/faculty directly with ease. 

Curriculum Management

Create the perfect course outline –  Create and manage subjects as per the curriculum and flexibility to create groups of optional subjects for each course.

Transport / Bus Management

Enhance the security of your students with features like tracking of vehicle status, tracking of students using bus, route details,  and to collect fees and charges easily.

Library Management

Track all the operations performed in your library, from cataloguing of books to maintaining records of books issued and overdue, and a lot more.

Timetable Management

Create instant Timetables with push notifications to students and teachers. Easy, efficient and a hassle-free way of managing your timetable.

Online Assignment Management System

Manage and evaluate assignments with ease, send instant feedbacks and reduce paper wastage contributing to a greener environment.

Hostel Management

Student room allotments to student hostel fees, manage all hostel related activities from one dashboard with ease. Search for the student name to find information.

Access Library

Educian has a perfect Library Management System. Here, students can check the availability of resources, eligibility for issuing the date, get an alert for returning the books, and more. It can help both the librarian and student with efficient management. 

Digital classroom

Our Smart School Management System does not only offer convenience for offline classes, but we provide complete features for online classes too.

The teachers can schedule the classes,assign homework, check the submissions, and more.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate a payment gateway and receive fees, hostel dues etc directly in the organization's bank account. Accept fast and secure payment with UPI, cards, wallets.

Form Builder

Drag and drop easy to use form builder to create requirements forms as per your needs. Collect student information or conduct surveys,

Human Resource Management

Easily organise employees details, manage payrolls, take teachers attendance and send meeting alerts to the faculty.

Multi Campus Management

Group institutions having more than one college or school can manage all campuses from one dashboard. Add all your locations in our dashboard to track the data.

Instant Fees

Keep a track of various temporary fees information such as teachers day collection, relief funds, school trip collection, infrastructure fund etc.

Bio Metric Integration

Automate student attendance process and provide a safer environment by using biometric feature with thumbprint verification.

Data Entry Services

Easily accessible and risk-free data entry reducing the scope of human error with secured channels keeping the safety of data intact.

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