About Educian?

EDUCIAN is an all in one Student Information Management System for Primary, K-12 and Higher Education institutes. Serving the industry since 2018, we pride ourselves on being an affordable yet comprehensive student Management system.

EDUCIAN is a cloud based school ERP Software management system that automates everyday operations, helps in generating insightful reports and also helps in keeping track on all activities from a single dashboard.  

Apart from web, Educian comes with iOS and Android Mobile App. Institutions can manage  all features at their fingertips anywhere & anytime using the mobile app. It is a single App for all user personas, like Teachers, Parents, and Students.

Teachers can take attendance, send assignments, Students can view timetable, Parents can check performance of their wards, attendance, pay dues, and Admins can send messages & announcements etc. using the Educian App.   

Founder's Vision


President & CEO

In 2016, we were approached by a school district in India who complained that none of the options in the market for school management software were addressing their needs. Most programs are either inconvenient or simply impractical. That is when EDUCIAN was born. in 2018 we launched EDUCIAN to provide solution for all types of educational institutes.

EDUCIAN’ is derived from “EDUCATION technology created by ACADEMICIANS
Our name serves as a reminder to both ourselves and our customers that we set out to make a practical school management software system in coordination with subject matter experts in the field of education sector.

We are a team of young technocrats passionate about using technology to reach underserved sectors across the globe in the field of education.

Since early days of EDUCIAN, we have made it our mission to utilize advancements in the technology as a means to make education accessible to all, especially to those who have very limited resources and access to online learning solution.

As our vision expanded, we have endeavored to set ourselves apart, not only with our program but also through our: (1) free version of EDUCIAN and (2) excellent service & support